Friday, June 27, 2008


For those of you who missed it last October, CBS is re-airing the 48 Hours show they did on the Whitaker case. The first time it aired I was so nervous hoping that they would portray the police department (and Marshall) and Mr. Whitiaker's faith in a positive light. They did a good job and I have to say I was surprised. I plan on watching it again and this time maybe I won't be so nervous! I will still have to tease Marshall about not having a picture of his wife on his desk! (He really does-tons, but the camera angle didn't show it!) :) Saturday night at 9:00 Central.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Helping Heads

Well, as some of you know, I did have a former life. :) For nearly eight years I worked as a dispatcher for the Alvin Police Department in Alvin, Texas. As a matter of fact, that is where the Lord placed both Marshall and me so that we could meet and fall head over heels in love-well, he did anyway. I took a bit longer! I really loved my job and the people that I worked with. They became my family and most all of the members of the department come to our wedding. I received an email today from my sweet APD friend Roger. One of the officers there has a son, Brian, who has Pre-B Curser Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. The police department is fully supporting officer Hill and his family during this time. Really supporting. Most of the officers, including the chief, gathered this afternoon to shave their heads in a show of camaraderie to Brian and to raise money for the family. Brian is in remission now but will have to undergo 2 1/2-3 more years of chemotherapy. To read the story go to Please pray for this little boy and his family when you think about it.

Have a great day and go hug your babies!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Prince Charming

Well, I had the craziest weekend! I was all set to attend the SETHSA conference on Friday and Saturday. We spent three days playing the "clean room game" (Mom's idea of a great way to spend the first days of summer!). My children were going to spend the weekend at Nana's house in the country with The Swan Sisters (My two aunts). I had spent weeks on my shopping list, tweaking it just right so that I could get maximum shopping in between attending the amazing workshops. Marshall was on a golf vacation with his father and brother and was coming in Friday to go with me on Saturday. Things looked awesome and I was excited! So, you know that something had to change my plan, right? Well, the children and I rode up to meet my Mom and everything was great! The a/c in the car worked and it is a Honda so it got greater gas mileage than the Suburban, and we played the alphabet game and B3 even found the "X" all by his five-year-old self! We met Nana and hugs and kisses and admonishments to behave went all around and I left them blissfully shopping in Target. So, I did what any mother of three who was alone for a few minutes would do: I went across the street to WalMart and did my own shopping!! I got some essentials for the conference-dark chocolate M&Ms-and I picked up a couple of cute t-shirts for myself. I was on my way home, singing too loudly probably, when I got a call from Marshall. I had to turn down the radio to talk so when I did I noticed that the car was overheating-yikes! He told me to stop where I would be safe and let it cool down. Well, three hours later, I had moved about 45 miles! I ended up staying the night in a very small town at the closest hotel I could coast in to. The manager was so very gracious and kind to me. He even called a mechanic for me. My friend Dee Dee called me to say that she was going to be able to meet me at the conference. I tried not to cry as I was telling her that I wouldn't be there. Sheryl's side note-this is the one thing that I really look forward to every year. My sweet friend worked overtime to try and help me. To make a long story shorter, and to get to the reason for the title, my sweet husband left his trip early to come and rescue me. He knew how much the conference meant to me as a homeschooling mom and he did everything he could to get me there. Talk about a Prince Charming! We had a great time together and got to hear some great teaching on some things that we can work on in our home. What about the car you ask? Well, a very nice Christian mechanic fixed the car for us and less than an hour later the engine blew out! But, God really taught me some things this weekend:

1. It doesn't matter how many lists I can make (and Marshall will tell you that I am the queen of lists). He is still in control.

2. When my sweet husband says, "Let me be your husband and do this for you." It is perfectly acceptable, even in this post-modern, feminist society, to say, "yes, Dear" and mean it. (Thank you Lord for opening my eyes)

3. God is still God even if my plans change. He will always look after me because He loves me and I am his child. He will always provide for me and protect me.

4. He owns the cattle on a thousand hills and if He wants to provide us with a new car, He can. If He chooses not to, that's OK too. He is still God.

I hope that if you are reading this you have that relationship with our Savior and know that He loves you very much. If you don't know that, please let me know. I would be so happy to talk with you about it.

Bless all of you!