Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Disney Day 3

Another great day! Today was also cold and cloudy but still fun. We spent the day at Animal Kingdom. We saw two of the most amazing shows. "Finding Nemo" and Festival of the Lion King". Both different but both spectacular! I loved the costumes and choreography. In Lion King, the cast came out and chose B3 to march around in the finale. He loved it!! We got to see some beautiful animals on the safari, like the white rhino and elephants. Marshall and B1 went to ride on the Expedition Everest and became part of the year of a million dreams. One of the cast members chose them out of the line and moved them to the front! They were so excited that they rode twice! B2 has been getting lots of character autographs and photos. We met a cast member from Sugar Land and another from Friendswood. We bought some cool mouse ears (one set will need to be replaced as we left them on the bus to bless someone else). :) We had dinner and are just about to fall out! Marshall took B1 and B2 to play mini-golf and B3 and I are about to head to bed. Tomorrow is the day for the Magic Kingdom and I want to be rested up and ready to go!

Disney Day 2

Oh my! What a day! We got up early and spent the day at EPCOT. We got to see all kinds of fun stuff. We saw a very cool show called Turtle Talk. Totally sweet! We also did the Mission Space ride. B2, B3 and I did the one that was less intense but Marshall and B1 did the higher-excitement one. Let's just say that my "thrill junkie" husband walked off with an air-sickness bag in hand (unused but handy just in case)! He recovered enough to ride the Test Track! We saw lots of cool stuff in the World Showcase and then got our snacks and headed to the hotel. Then we were in for a real treat. Marshall made reservations for the Hoop-Dee-Doo Review. What a blast! It was so worth the 9:30 dinner time. The food was good and the show was so much fun. Well, there was a tie between the show and the couple, D'nea and Steven, who sat in front of us and played the "Hoop-Dee-Doo" game with the all-you-can-drink draft. When the finale came around, Marshall was chosen by the cast to go on stage. He got to play the Indian. I took plenty of pictures that I hope to share soon! The kids and I laughed so hard! He even got to talk about it on the bus back to the hotel! Marshall rocks for putting that together for us. B1 and I decided that he just likes to say, "Hoop-Dee-Doo" Just ask him! My feet hurt and I am so exhausted. There will be no trouble with getting the kids to bed!

Disney Day 1

Well, we pulled off one of the most exciting secrets I have ever been a part of!! It was brilliant in its covertness. Virtually flawless. We (mostly Marshall) planned a secret trip to Disney World. Yes, we kept it a secret!! On Monday morning we woke up at 3:00, packed the car, got the kids up at 4:45, dressed them, brushed their teeth, and put them in the car. They had no clue where we were going!! B1 figured it out when he saw the terminal sign to Orlando but like the great big brother he is, kept the secret until the others figured it out. We got on the plane and B3 had his first plane trip! He even got to sit in the cockpit with the captain-after we landed of course! While we were on the plane we had the kids convinced that we were just going for the day and that we were there to check out a super new Wal Mart that was being built. When we landed, B2 and B3 saw all the Disney stuff and figured it out. The look was priceless!! What a blast! We did have a kink in the plan though. Once we got to our hotel Marshall realized that his wallet was missing. It caused some stress for a bit but once we got everything taken care of, (thanks Billy) he was more upset about the loss of his sticker. B1 had given him a red smiley face sticker that he has had for about 10 years. It is very special to him so it will tough to get over. We finally got settled into our room and then went and had a yummy dinner. After, we went to Downtown Disney. What a trip! We loved the world's largest Disney store but went nuts in the Lego store!!! Uncle Erik would not be able to come out!! Stay tuned for more adventures in Disney for the Slot Family!! (When I get my computer running again, I'll post some of the fun pictures!)