Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Girlfriends wanted. Apply here.

I have spent the last couple of weeks contemplating. Maybe it's because I'm 40-something. Or maybe it's because I've been to several weddings and funerals lately. Or, maybe it's because I'm coming to a point in my life where I'm seeing things shift. My children are almost all taller than I am. People who are my peers are retiring from their jobs. My 25th class reunion was recently. I am no longer expected to take everyone with me everywhere. No more diaper bags or car seats. I am reminded monthly that there are no more babies in our future. So, what comes next? Yes, I am still training my children and growing every day as a helpmeet to my sweet husband. Mind you, I'm not at all discontent, I am just in need of some girlfriends. Not the high school I'll-only-like-you-if-you-wear-your-hair-this-way kind, or the whiny, nothing-is-going-my-way, my-husband-is-so-awful kind. I am seeking those kinds of friends who will be brutally honest with me. As in. "Sheryl, why are you still wearing the same clothes you wore in high school?" Or, "Honey, get in the car! You're coming with me for an intervention-lip wax!" Friends who will exhort me and point me to scripture when it's needed. Friends who will save up their vacation time to spend an annual weekend together where we just pick up where we left off last year. Friends who will serve food at my relatives' funerals so that I won't be burdened to do it. Friends who will attend my children's weddings and cry with joy alongside me. Friends who will answer my calls or texts at all hours. Share books with me. Laugh or cry with me. Share secrets with me. Play Bridge with me. OK, maybe not Bridge. Maybe it's because I don't have sisters. Maybe I have some crazy romantic notion about having a group of friends who will love me when I'm 97. Who knows? So, if you think you're up for it, and you won't just whine about your husband, give me a call. Apply here. Maybe we can learn to play Bridge together. :-)