Monday, March 16, 2009

What's going on at my house

We have been very busy around our house. We are getting our home ready for the practice of hospitality! My sweet friend, Dee Dee, (you may remember her from my traumatic event with the car in June) came over two weeks ago and helped me. We started switching our school room and our dining room. The new dining room will now have more space where we can actually eat in there and add tables if necessary. We also took the table and one chair to a repair shop so that we will be able to use them! They belonged first to Marshall's grandparents and then to his parents so we would like to keep and use them. It was pretty hairy for a while because we had to wait before the china cabinet was in the right place. I had my great-grandmother's china all over my kitchen counters for a week! My poor children were banished from the kitchen!! The former dining room is now the office. We put up shelves around the walls and moved the computer in there. We do school in the kitchen anyway so it is all turning out nicely. We also bought more shelves for the living room when we went to IKEA so that has been turned upside down also! It's been a crazy time! It seems like everything has been a "hurry up and wait" issue. We are having to move heavy pieces of furniture and then piles of stuff. Then more furniture and then more piles. And Marshall is having to put together lots of shelves and is really giving his tools a workout!! But it is coming along and looking very nice. I'm posting a picture of the living room today and when the other rooms are done I'll take some more. So far there has been only one casualty: my wedding china sugar bowl, so if anyone is taking notes for Christmas, it is a Lenox Federal Gold sugar bowl-*sniff*

Here is a picture of the living room shelves:

Don't they look great!! Now I just need my Aunt Mo to come over and "tweak" it all! There is more to be done and it won't happen while I'm blogging!


~*Mona*~ said...

Hello Sheryl! Your living room shelves really look great!! I am sure that it is going to be such a blessing when all of this is done!! It is neat moving things around and making them work for your family! I look forward to seeing more pictures!!

Many blessings!!

Cherylann said...

here is your sugar bowl, brand new on ebay for a great discount over what it is retail.

Jenn said...

Your livingroom looks great! Why don't you hang that TV on the wall with a shelf underneath to make it all uniform?